Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gloria Days

June 21 2012

Andy's Mom, Gloria came to Calico to stay with us for a month. I started out exciting enough. Driving home the Taylor highway washed out in two places due to a rain storm and we had to spend the night in the tiny town of Chicken, population 29, while road crews work all night to fix it. Lucky for us there was a lovely little cabin still available to rent. We made it to Eagle the next day but we did hold our breath as we crawled along the patched part of the mountain road, lead by a pilot truck.

We loved having her here and so did the dogs, Gloria groomed one or two almost everyday and the dogs were in heaven. She arrived with name plates for all the dogs houses that she made herself and had her picture taken with each one as Andy attached the plaques the their houses.

In July went up to Eagle in the boat to pick up two new puppies from Helmer's kennel . They were great in the boat very calm. When we got home we put the pups on the bank and they happily followed us up the cabin. As soon as the big dogs caught sight of the new members of the family they barked like crazy and those babies turned tails and ran! Tourmaline dove into an old dog house and Topaz was headed like a bat out of hell back to the boat. Grandma Gloria, still on the trail saw her coming and dropped her Diamond willow walking stick and scooped up the puppy as it was flying past. Gloria Shouted in disbelief, "I got her, I got her!" She tucked the startled pup under her wing and Topaz felt safe in her new home. It was so cute.

We went on boat trips,fished for King salmon,hung fish strips, sat on the porch swing in the sun, chatted and enjoyed her company. The time went by to fast.

I am so blessed to have Gloria Bassich in my life.

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John said...

I just found your blog and like it. I will try to follow as much as I can.