Saturday, March 31, 2012

Black Bears and Red Plaid Flannel

June 2011

Daylight exceeds 21 hours a day in June.
Tired from the days work we settled down for the evening with a movie at 9:00 pm.
I went outside to go to the outhouse and what did I see but another bear in the fish rack. When I relayed this to Andy he hopped up and said, " Enough of this!" He pulled on his red plaid, flannel robe and slipped his feet into his rubber boots, picked up his gun and headed toward the trees on a rise above the rack of fish. I was laughing because all I could think of was Elmer Fudd in the Bugs Bunny cartoons.
I was watching for the bear from the porch when he popped his head up from the willows, so I called to Andy that the bear had moved up river several yards and he headed in that direction hidden by the trees. Just a few minutes later I heard a shot and then another within seconds of the first. I went to meet Andy as he walked back to the cabin and I called out "Did you get the bear?" he replied, "Nope! I got two!"

I was now almost 9:30 PM and we have two bears to skin. Movie on hold till dawn.

Archeologists who come each summer to dig on our site, which is believed to be an ancient Han summer camp, were camped nearby with a group of students . I walked over and told them what had happened and asked the men if they would help us move the bears. The whole group were eager to come see and happy to lend a hand. They stayed on for hours and helped with the entire process. The students cheerfully learned something new and different that night.

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