Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

The 20th of January every year is exciting because we get to see the sun again, marking the end of the lazy blue light of winter. It peeps over the mountain for less than a minute causing the light to refract through ice crystals making most amazing sun dogs over the river and shines brilliant through my kitchen window making my eyes squint as I stare into its face.

I feel extremely joyous at the sight but somewhere deep down inside a feeling of regret that the easy short days of winter are going to give way to the summer chores and the 24 hours of sunlight with the midnight sun.

The solar panels will be back on duty soon, it is coming fast right now we are gaining almost 7 minutes a day!

So now the time has come to start seeds for this years garden. We grow all our own vegetables and herbs for the year from Arugula to Zucchini. More to come in a future entry about our garden that we water with a pump and fire hose.


Britta & Bjorn said...

i love the colours! it must be a great moment after such a long time in the 'dark'.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Hi there, I love reading the stories posted on your blog and have just written an introduction to your blog on Blogger's Cafe


Hope you like it.


Kate Rorke said...

I was so thrilled that you enjoyed my blog enough to write such a flattering review on the Blogger's Cafe site.I don't just like it I love it. That was a wonderful surprise gift you gave me today.
Thank you Argentum Vulgaris

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Kate, it was a pleasure. It is so hard sometimes when one finds a blog worth writing about, that you do justice to it without annoying the blogger. Glad you liked it; you deserve it. I am happy to have made your day.

I have other blogger friends who live in Alaska, but urbanites, they have given me the impetus to learn more about your state.

The cold doesn't appeal to me personally, I am a jungle man and have lived in several, but they are none the less wilderness.

Good luck.