Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Andy home from his trapline today with a Lynx..he traps mostly Marten but today he got a Lynx. Pretty cats but full of fleas as we found out, here is that story.

One year in March he came with one just caught in the trap, he had to put it down. When he came home we took some photos with it. We had company at the time and although not eager to hold it, loved seeing it up close. He then went to his shop to skin it out before dinner. Shortly after my head felt itchy and Andy came rushing in," Kate it is full of fleas they are jumping all over it! " I tossed the rugs onto the deck ,we quickly stripped off our clothing outside in the cold air throwing them onto the deck, all the while laughing hard. Then we went to work getting fleas out of our hair...we were like primates all night, checking every little tickle. Later when we looked at the photos we took, you could see the fleas on my hair. Makes me itch just thinking about it.

Poor dogs, they were not allowed in the cabin for a long time after that, for their own good. We never saw a flea since that night and I will never get in jumping distance of one again. Lesson learned.

Can you find the flea on my hair in the photo? Let me know if you do and have a good laugh I know we did.

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