Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home From Fairbanks

My entries have suffered for a while due to my trip to Fairbanks for shopping, visiting and the Cheech and Chong show.
Ten days was a long time to be away but it went fast. Andy took me to Eagle on Thursday the 13th to catch my flight on Friday, then returned to Calico. I saw some friends in Eagle and my friend Sandy from Forty Mile River in Canada spent the night with me in the Eagle cabin. Great lady, fun girls night.

On Friday my plane cancelled due to poor flying conditions, #!%#@. They did fly on Saturday so all and all not to bad. Just me and Mic the pilot in a small 4 seater Lance plane. NOW THAT IS THE WAY TO SEE ALASKA'S VAST WILDERNESS. As we flew over over Calico I pointed and smiled. Mic said he likes to fly over because I always come out and wave. I told him I like it when you dip your wings and wave back, feels like company, especially when I am alone, it is a bright spot in my day.

When we touched down in Fairbanks my friend Angie is there to meet me. Angie is the type of person who should be cloned,king, giving and funny as hell. Spent half my time in Fairbanks with her until she went to Oklahoma City for a concert,then checked into Pike's hotel for the remainder. Partied hard watched football playoffs with Angie's husband and daughter, I do love football.

My friends Scott and Robbie from Tok arrived on Saturday to join me for the Cheech and Chong concert. What a time we had,laughed our asses off. Got an autograph and picture with them but the best part was when Tommy Chong asked me for my email address. He was very keen on dog mushing and our way of life and wanted to keep in touch and hopefully come visit for his own adventure.

The trip was a Blast but never as wonderful as coming home.

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