Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trip Home

8:00 am Monday morning,cold in Eagle where the plane has to land.-42 below zero F. My heart sank. Keep checking back in an hour they said then after 4 hours of this it was a go. Yahoo the temperature came up to -36 below and they could fly. Just past 1:00 pm I was in the sky,nice trip just a bit bumpy before landing.

Darrel meets the plane to pick up the mail and passengers who need a ride, he is also my friend Angie's Dad. I just love him,coolest guy in Eagle and a great friend.
I arrive our Eagle cabin, no sign of Andy yet he is on his way with a dog team to get me. The cabin is frozen solid and so are my travelling clothes that have been sitting there in near -50 degrees below zero,they are hard and brittle. As I try to get my liners inside my mukluks my hands are screaming in pain from the cold. Andy arrives covered in frost and suggested I go next door to finish getting ready, he needed to get a warm up also, -35 below is chilly traveling to say the least.

Andy then loaded the sled with my goodies arranging it so I could sit on a Rubbermaid tote in the sled with a blankets.

It was just before dark when Andy told the team of 10 dogs to tighten up and we were off like the wind. My white knight and his faithful steads bringing me back to my palace. What a ride, to our left the light of the day still visible highlighting the mountains with a sleepy pink glow, to the right came the moon bright and glorious, it seemed to be saying, Sun, I can out do your splendor! It was a sight to behold, dogs running with happy purposeful steps all covered in white frost from hot breath. Then the moon did it's magic ! It turned the snow a blue ting and lit the way for the dogs.

Peeking through the white wolf ruff on my parka at our dogs running at night, the moon casting shadows of them across the frozen river, I couldn't help feeling warm, loved and lucky to be in the middle of Nature's Perfection.

As we got closer to Calico I could hear the voices of the remaining dogs heralding our arrival.

How sweet it is.

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