Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just another day..

Still windy and now above freezing, very odd for this time of year.

Today's events were minimal but not without some drama.
Sometime before noon today two of our friends drove by our cabin with their dog teams for a quick day run. Must of the dog teams, if not all, pass right by our kitchen window.It is a great trail also used by the 1000 mile Yukon Quest dogsled race.

A little while later our dogs alerted us to the arrival of yet another dog team. When we looked it was a sled with no driver, a run away team. A MUSHERS WORST NIGHTMARE, a tangled lines can injure a dog or cause a fight in the team. I knew the sled and dogs it was our friend's team who had just pasted by. We called his wife on the vhf radio and told her to be on the look out for the dogs coming home, so she fired up the snow machine to go meet them. As we hurried to get ready for a dog grab rescue N showed up and informed us that W had hurt his shoulder and he needed to get back to him and brace it.
Then I spotted the dogs running upriver. Sled still upright they turned going up the steep river bank into deep snow, that led to the overland trail. They stopped !!! Deep snow can be a blessing.
Andy and I planned to go with a small dog team and secure them when N showed up with his team and said W was walking the trail back to our cabin. We told him where the dogs had stopped and that W's wife was coming on snow machine, so off he went to get the dogs. W showed up soon after walking slow and in need of something for pain.
The strong wind and breath taking gusts blew his fast,fresh dog team and sled sideways on Ford Lake, now bare of snow due to high winds,leaving a slick surface of mostly dreaded, glare ice. Next thing a small patch of snow caught his runner and tipped his sled over causing him to fall sideways onto the hard ice. This sort of things happens to all of us even the very experienced like W..
When I told him that his team had stopped and where, he chuckled and said " Well that was a delayed WHOA".
N got all the dogs back to their kennel safe and sound, W's wife came and took him home on the snow machine. Hope he is up and running dogs again soon.

With that done it was back to the day at hand.

I got snow to melt for dog water, got the puppy food ready for the next few meals,we feed them 3 times a day. Andy fed dogs and poop scooped for our 22 dogs. This poop scooping may sound like the short straw job but in fact it is a nice time to and pet and visit them, all calm and content after having their breakfast.
"Laundry time"....Andy set up my new little washer in the generator shed with a 30 gal barrel for the water supply - I love it !!!! So much nicer than a scrubbing board, yes I said scrubbing board. The only other way is the laundromat in Eagle, $9 US per wash and 25 cents for every 3 minutes in the dryer plus you have to travel 12 miles to do laundry.

Cooked Lasagna on the wood stove for dinner,two beers on ice, this is a good place to stop.

The sky is clear and the stars are bright, looks like a we will have a good Northern Light's show tonight.


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Shirley said...

Kate, Just finshed reading some of your stories...I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the way you describe your experiences,making me feel as if I'm right there with you as they're happening!
Makes me so envious of the wonderful lifestyle you're living.Every day bringing a new adventure,a new story! Wow,I'm at a loss as how to describe how extraordinary you make everyting sound!
You make everything there sound so pure,untouched by developement,a true place of nature...still unspoiled.This area must truely be a little bit of heaven...put on earth to tease us.
Wolves,coyotes, often seen in confined see them in their natural surroundings must be breathtaking! Salmon rivers, dog sledding.....oh the wonderful list of pleasures you talk about ...seems so unreal,but so inviting.
Keep the stories of your adventures coming,I can't wait to experience it,and who knows,one day I just might visit with you and experience it first hand! It does sound very inviting!