Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prancer,Vixen,Donner and Blitzen

Swing and Team Dog
Born 2008 to Lucy and Minto
Personality- Princess

Prancer is a sweet, gentle and loving dog she is very well behaved and easy to have around.

Prancer is what I call a reluctant sled dog, put her harness on and she will go hide in her house and you have to go get her and walk her to the sled to be put in the team. Although once all that is said and done she loves to run in the team and do her job, I guess she is not fond of all the excitement of the others.

Prancer like her sister Vixen thinks she is a lap dog, we teach them to sit to before they get pets and their ears rubbed. She sits ok but then one foot comes up, then the other and the next thing you know there is a sled dog in your lap. Prancer likes to try and steal indoor toys and hide them in her dog house, a little kleptomaniac in her genes, plus a bit of a hoarder of items around the yard.

Lately she has taken to playing with the new pups a game that sounds mean but they all love it, she brings out one of her treasures and teases the pups with it and growls at them when they try investigate. It must be a fun dog game they all do it for hours. I was worried at first but now I understand the game.

She is just having fun, the way it should be.
Swing and Team Dog
Born 2008 to Lucy and Minto
Nickname- Vixie

Well, if you ever knew a dog who could use her feminine ways for attention, you have already met our Vixen.
She is the only dog allowed on the couch because unlike her name she is just plan sweet, you can't resist her affection or the way she rolls on her back to rub her belly.

Although since first experience with motherhood last September, to 11 pups, you would not what to be a wolf or coyote prowling around, she goes savage, barking and screaming, like any overly protective mother. I am glad I am not on her hit list!

Not sure Vixen is that loyal of a dog,she will roll over for anyone. Like I said Suck-up.

Team ,Swing and Future Lead Dog
Born 2008 to Agata and Iceberg

Donner is a pretty dog, she looks just like her mother, Agata from Helmer's kennel in Eagle. She is an intense highly focused observer almost to smart, you can see her wheels turning calculating any given situation.

I believe Donner was meant to walk upright, at every opportunity she has her front legs up on her dog house or a nearby dog, anything as long as she is standing tall. Andy says she is one heck of an intelligent dog and will be a great lead dog someday.

Lead Dog in Training
Born 2008 to Agata and Iceberg
Personality-Typical Young Buck

Blitzen is an amazing watchdog he sniffs out the first sign of any intruder and barks this high pitched panic bark. I like having him around when I am alone here, nothing can sneak up on me with Blitzen as a warning signal.

It was a cold fall day when Andy brought Blitzen and Donner to Calico in the open boat, he had them both tucked inside his coat all cozy and warm. He put them on the ground at the boat landing and they followed us to the cabin to meet Prance and Vixen. Now we had puppy fun x4.

Later that evening Blitzen was hiding under the couch, Andy reached it to get him and Blitzen went ballistic,such a commotion for a tiny puppy more like an outraged loin. We laughed so hard at this baby with enough attitude to take on a grown man. Eventually he came out on his own and settled into his new home, Calico.


Sara said...

just was thrilled when Amanda sent me your link, to see my Medicinedogs with you. Agata is the daughter of my Kazi out of Magic, and Minto is her half brother by Kazi out of Emma Porcupine. I look in those faces and see dogs that look like my dogs going back to 1906 - I can tell you a lot about them!
Stephanie Little Wolf

Ms.JB said...

Aww so cute

Anonymous said...

what kind of dog is donner?

Kate Rorke said...

Donner is an Alaskan sled as a whip.

Anonymous said...

Donner is an Alaskan Husky Village dog!!! NATIVE dog.