Friday, April 1, 2011


Wheel and team dog
Born 2006 to Gucci and Solo
Personality-Class Clown

Ouzo was born the smallest in the litter and as he grew we noticed he had a problem with his back leg causing his gait to look clumsy. Andy was certain this gimpy puppy would not be sled dog quality but Ouzo proved him wrong. He may not run as fluid as the rest but he is strong,steady and full of heart.

Ouzo is unmistakably the funnest dog we have and one of the most playful. As a puppy Ouzo always carried a toy around like a trophy, now he has upgraded to a stick, well more like a small tree, the bigger the better. Without fail, whenever anyone comes along or it is feeding time, he picks up his trophy stick and prances around with his head held high to balance this treasured possession with absolute joy and delight.

People often have trouble distinguishing him from his father, Solo, he certainly is a chip off the old block, similar in so many ways. But Ouzo takes the award for being a great entertainer.

Ouzo is enchanting, kind and gentle, so much fun to watch, adorable in every way!

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