Thursday, March 31, 2011


Swing and team dog
Born 2006 to Gucci and Solo
Nickname- Dickey Do
Personality- Bully

As you can see from Dickel's photo he looks like a prize fighter,strong build with intense blue eyes at the ready for the ring but I know the pussycat that lies beneath the facade.

This boy is very loyal and can be jealous at times especially when he is loose with other dogs and notices you petting another he will run over to you, butt in and bad vibe them. Don't get me wrong he is otherwise polite and makes a great house dog companion as I found out when he hurt his paw and spent quite some time in the cabin. He loves to be petted and brushed or just lay at your feet.

Poor Dickey Do will be going under the knife on Monday when the visiting vet comes to Eagle. Having Dickel neutered should take care of his personality flaw and then he will be a perfect inside and out.

Wish him a speedy recovery and know I will be lovingly pampering him during the ordeal.

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