Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Retired Swing dog
Born 1997 to Moon and Cruise
Personality- Aloof

Arrow is one of those dogs who seems not to care to much about people one way or another a little cool and distant. If you have ever met a teenage who was into Goth and a bit standoffish well that sums Arrow in a nutshell. Although in his old age and spending time inside,which he would never ever do before, seems to becoming more attached to us mere humans.

Arrow is a hard working dog, very obedient, mild temperament and easy going, he still loves to run in the team but he only does short runs now. I his heyday, to quote Andy,"he was one hell of a sled dog, fast and steady."

I am so honored that he now takes food from my hand, puts his head on my lap to get petted and tolerates getting brushed.

He stays inside overnight now when the temperatures are cold and is so cute in the morning laying there with his eyes open but not moving a muscle pretending to be invisible. Sometimes I have to drag him by his collar to get him to stand up to go out for a minute to pee.

Arrow is winning my heart.

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