Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Team dog
Born: 9-11- 2001 to Soup and Father unknown
Wishbone's nickname Bone or Bonehead
Personality-Plus Plus Plus

Wishbone is still an active sled dog and has the ability to be placed anywhere in a team you could call him a Jack of all trades. Lovable with personality plus and a bit of a talker at times, he believes he can speak. Melts me when I say I love you and he says I love you back.

Bone does have difficulty with the extreme cold temperatures of the Alaska winters so we have to bring him inside at night. His coat is not typical of an Alaskan sled dog it is smooth and silky with makes him perfect for petting. We have been looking for a good loving home with room for Wishbone to run for a while now,he is a loyal companion,a perfect house dog quiet and never gets into trouble . He would also be great for anyone who likes to skijor.

It was a site to see, a young boy in Eagle named Shane used to hook Wishbone up to a kid size dog sled called kick sled and put his 2 year old sister Alicia in it. Away they would go all around town both smiling and laughing,Shane giving Wishbone commands, Haw for left and Gee for right as they maneuvered here, there and everywhere. Did I mention Wishbone was also smiling?

I love Wishbone from the bottom of my soul and will be heartsick to see him go to another home but it be for the greater good. Our life revolves around what is best for our family of dogs. So "wish" him luck.

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