Thursday, March 31, 2011


Lead Dog
Born 2006 to Gucci and Solo
Nickname- T

What a looker Tia is with her amazing blue eyes highlighted with black eyeliner and pretty blond coat, simply stunning.

When she was a puppy we took her to Dawson on the Yukon Queen, it was the forth of July and she wore a shiny red, white and blue garland around her neck, so cute. Tia's feet did not hit the deck of that boat the whole trip. People gravitate to her and she loves the attention.

When Manuela was here from Switzerland she fell hook,line and sinker for Tia,I am sure they both had separation anxiety when Manuela returned home.

She is mild tempered and a no nonsense gal, when Andy puts her in harness Tia is all business ready to lead the team and smart as a whip. Her only fault is being a finicky eater in the cold and takes her time when on the trail being a glutton is important.
With some dogs there is not a lot of stories to tell and Tia is one of them but she has that certain something, that you just can't resist.

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