Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Lead Dog
Born 2006 to Gucci and Solo
Nickname - Bergie Bit

Iceberg is my Johnny Depp, my Jack Sparrow, handsome and dashing. I fell madly in love with Iceberg the second he was born, I named him immediately my little Iceberg.

Iceberg and his litter mates were the first I witnessed being born, what a thrilling experience. The theme we picked for them was spirits, Tia, Stoli, Ripple, Kalula, Dickel, Smirnoff, and Ouzo and Iceberg.

Socializing Iceberg and company was so much fun, Andy was still working as a Captain on the Yukon Queen so we got to take them on the boat to Dawson regularly. The tourists loved getting their picture taken holding sled dog puppy and the pups loved all the attention and being cuddled.

I used to take them for walks sometimes on the old airstrip near the historic mule barn in Eagle to meet the Holland America tour bus. After several of these visits the coach drivers would announce to the people they were about to meet Iceberg, the driver would open the door and the pups barely able to climb the steep steps would pile inside with Iceberg in the lead. The crowd would go wild.

One day the coach was ready to leave when Iceberg about 6 weeks old was no where insight we looked everywhere, I called and called for him to come but no Bergie Bit. Then one of the passengers in the front whispered " a lady took him to the back of the bus". When the driver inquired another tourist pointed and said, "Inside that ladies jacket". What a strange thing to do is all I have to say about that.

In 2009 during the flood recovery in Eagle after a long days work some of the volunteers and kids would play volleyball in the field next to the old school. Iceberg and I walked down one night to watch, he studied the ball for a while as it travelled back and forth, then leapt into the game. He loved to play! It was such fun to see him run and stop the ball when it went out of bounds. What a sport!

As Iceberg got older and becoming a big boy Remington decided to put this young whipper snapper in his place. After the short tussle was diffused I cried, "Not his FACE! My poor baby had a puncture just below his eye, I was as mad at Remi as I could get when I put him back on his chain at his doghouse. This did not sway Icebergs confidence for long but did teach him he had to have patience to become top dog.

I could just go on forever about my wonderful white Bergie Bit with his clear blue eyes and leopard spotted ears. One of the most photographed and truly one of the great loves of my life!

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