Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Lead dog
Team dog
Swing dog
Born 2004 to Flame and Frodo
Personality-Sweetheart of all Sweethearts

Solo came to us when he was almost two years old from our friends Scott and Robbie's kennel and are we ever glad he did what a honey of a dog, extremely affectionate. He is almost to nice and has been picked on by other dogs in the lot as the newcomer. One winter he had a bad encounter and got chewed up really bad and had to spend a fair amount of time in a vet hospital in Fairbanks. When Andy when in to bring him home the staff at the clinic were reluctant to let him go calling Solo the sweetest most gentle sled dog they have ever had to care for.

As for being a Lead dog he had one fault when in chase, that means following another team,Solo would sometimes take shortcuts to catch up.

One day when we were on the river trail going to Eagle, Andy and his team about a half mile ahead of me and out of sight. I was crossing the river and Solo caught sight of the other team and veered off the trail and picked up speed taking me and the team careening over rough jumble ice . I can't believe I held on and road it out without incident.

When we got close to the cabin in Eagle Solo saw the ultimate shortcut, instead of turning the corner on the road he went over the banks of snow piled high by the plough. Down I went in the snow watching the runaway sled dragging on its side with Solo at the helm, proud as punch as he reached the dog lot. I walked the last few feet feeling both vexed and humiliated.

Solo looked at me with those tremendously wide blue eyes that always seem to say, "I'm sorry," and all was forgiven, after all, he was still young.


The Gift Is Free said...

Wow That is a big fish in the first pic. whish we had them here in northern Ohio

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to eat from River to plate,so fresh so good.