Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Retired Team Dog
Born 1995 to Moon and Mic
Chisel's nickname Chiz

Chiz is our oldest dog turning 16 this year but you would never guess by his appearance. One look at Chisel's teddybear face and it is game over, you are in love. This dog is extremely loyal and knows how to turn on the charm.

Although retired he still gets into harness with the team to go get water and that really makes his day. Aging dogs are not like people advancing in years longing to relinquish a lifelong job for rest and relaxation, they have an intense focus and purpose.

Last March our friends Britta and Bjorn from Germany came to visit and help build an extension on our cabin,which is another blog story in its self. Bjorn and Andy hooked up all the dogs except for Chisel and when on a dogsled trip for a few days. Several hours after they left Chisel was let off his chain. We should have waited longer as it turned out. He played and followed Britta and I around the yard as usual then all of a sudden I could not see him and called but he did not come. Where did he go? We kept calling for a what seemed to be forever but he was gone AWOL. My heart sunk as evening came and no sign of my sweet companion. I was dreading Andy's return to have to tell him Chisel was missing. When Andy and Bjorn arrived a few days later who should be with them but Chisel! Andy said he saw what he thought was a wolf behind them on the trail and as it got closer he realized it was Chiz, that old guy followed the scent all the way to the Tatonduk River,an amazing distance run for an old man. I did not know what to do, kiss Chisel or kill him.
I kissed him, he was only following his heart.

Chisel enjoys coming into the cabin for the cold nights and any other time, as soon as I let him off the chain he heads to the door looking back at me to hurry up and let him in. He has also taken up a great fondness of toys and parades them around teasing others by dropping them and snatching them up when another dog gets inquisitive. Once a man twice a child applies to our dear Chisel.

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